Two Boys Lawn Care & Maintenance holds Three Values

By Shannon A. MacLeod

Two Boys Lawn Care and Maintenance has been available in Kings County for almost one year. 

Stewart “Stewie” and Connie Duncan are the entrepreneurs behind Two Boys and after one year, they’ve coined the three cornerstones of their business: the environment, safety and their clients.

Green is the only way to go because the environment is too important.  We’re going green and we’re on that route now, we don’t use chemicals, said Stewie.

“I’m looking at other avenues that we control.  We pull a lot of weeds right now.  We get them picked before they seed.”

Any chance Stewie has he upgrades his safety training and qualifications.  His list of qualifications is already impressive and always growing. 

He is big on safety, he said.

“So while I’ve been doing this (lawn care and maintenance), I’ve been taking safety courses any chance I get.”

Aside from the environment and safety, Connie and Stewie are all about their clients.  What the client wants, the client gets, said Connie.

“The little extras, that’s what it’s all about.”

In the beginning, it was just lawns, but they soon noticed they were capable of providing maintenance, tree cutting, tree pruning, leveling of driveways, or basically anything the client might need help with around their house, said Stewie.

“People don’t like to paint, so they can hire us and we come in and they don’t have to worry about any mess.” 

The customer can supply the paint, or Stewie can pick it up.  Whatever works the best for the client, said Connie.

“What the client wants, we accommodate.”

Stewie will do the kind of thing that no one else will do.  If the garbage needs taken out when he’s there, he or any one of his employees will take it to the curb.

“Hang up a bird feeder?  I’m not going to charge someone for that.”

Stewie has a soft spot in his heart for his elderly clients.  You’re not supposed to mix your business with your personal life, but he finds that challenging, he said.

“I really appreciate my seniors as clients, because I feel I provide them with more than lawn care because I’m checking on them every week.”

Two Boys started out last April because they felt the community needed affordable and quality lawn care, said Connie.

“We’re not out to get rich, we’re just here to provide a service and make a living at it.  That’s all.”


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